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Many island cooks jazz up their mac-and-cheese recipes with Tabasco sauce or the notoriously fiery Bahamian goat pepper. As we strolled from one gastronomic delight to the next, our guide pointed out the famous Queen's Staircase carved from limestone in the 18th century, the towering statue of Christopher Columbus in front of the flamingo-pink Government House, and many other points of interest. I signed up for a food tour and got a bonus: an abbreviated history tour conducted by a young man with a charming island lilt.

At last we arrived at Graycliff , a five-star hotel and restaurant housed in a colonial mansion imbued with Old World charm. This small, quiet hotel surrounded by lush, secluded gardens is the antithesis of the megaresorts. The 17th-century privateer who built the imposing mansion is rumored to have stashed his plunder in the cellar.

Tucked away behind the hotel is Graycliff Chocolatier , a chocolate factory that produces handcrafted truffles and bonbons made from cocoa beans grown in Jamaica and Costa Rica. Brilliantly hued chocolates glowed in a glass case like exquisite gems displayed in a jewelry store.


Bahamas Recipes

A fellow foodie commented that these colorful, miniature works of art were too pretty to eat. I disagreed and eagerly popped one in my mouth. Pineapple goat pepper.

How To Cook Conch -LAMBI-

Now that's a flavor I won't find back home. Instead of overwhelming heat, the pepper simply enhanced the citrusy flavor. After satisfying our sweet tooth, we headed to the Genuinely Bahamian Boutique and tasted a variety of local jams and jellies capable of much more than adorning your morning toast. For instance, bird pepper jelly adds a piquant punch to beans or baked meat.

Apparently, some enjoy a good tongue-scalding because several Bahamian food lovers purchased bottles of the scorching elixir.

Private Group Cooking Class & Lunch Experience

The Tortuga Rum Cake Co. Nassau rum has a long and storied history that involves swilling buccaneers and bootleggers, but today, the spirit has more refined uses. Delicate notes of caramel and vanilla are brought out during rum's aging process, flavors that complement desserts, so these rich cakes are liberally glazed with Tortuga Gold.

The boozy confections vacuum-packed in Tortuga's signature octagon-shaped boxes are a popular souvenir. I wished that the island's delectable conch dishes could be so easily transported to my landlocked home.

Ok I think the cornbeef must have been a misprint. OMIT the cornbeef and you've got yourself a very rich and yummy peas and rice! The browning sauce gives a darker colour,but if its hard to fin This is not real Bahamian peas and rice.

Authentic Bahamian Peas and Rice

No real Bahamian puts cornbeef in their peas and rice. We do not use corned beef I don't know where that came from It is called salt beef. This is ridiculous! I don't know anyone in the Bahamas who cooks Peas 'N Rice this way!

For authentic Bahamian cuisine, Nassau is the place to be | Travel | Dallas News

This isn't authentic. Though you can add the coconut milk AKA: coconut water or shredded, non sweet coconut, no Bahamian I know puts corned beef in their rice. Corned Beef is a separate dish I'm sorry to report this was terrible. I thought I liked anything with rice in it but this was bland, flat-tasting, and heavy. No Bahamian I know use ham or corned beef - not sure where u got this recipe bit not from a 'true, true Bahamian!

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One star as rating is required MG. Home Recipes Side Dish Rice. Serve with any prepared meat. Save to favorites. Yes, this is our Bahamian thing. Me and Auntie Rie right here looking out over the sea deciding what fish we were going to send the boys to go fish for you all today. My dear, we are going to have a goodtime cooking up some good old Bahamian soul food recipes. On a hot day like this you have to get yourself a big glass of switcher with ice, for all you non-Bahamians that is what we call our lemonade. Now what makes our homemade recipes from Bahamas so special is that our culture is a melting pot of many nations and people.

Yes sir, we international.

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And we are a creative group of people, especially when it comes to our soul food cooking. God has given us a gift to tantalize the pallet.