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Blessed Are Those Who Mourn | Tabletalk

Ligonier Ministries The teaching fellowship of R. Close Your Cart Loading The lessons in each chapter are great for small group or individual study. Lessons include scripture references, reflections questions and prayer. What does the Bible have to say about work? This one-of-a-kind Bible resource answers that very question. If you like reading the Theology of Work Bible Commentary free online, you might enjoy it in print!

Business, education, law, service industries, medicine, government--wherever you work, in whatever capacity, the Scriptures have something to say about it. This edition is a one-volume hardcover version. Revised Nov. Based on a work at www. There is a loss that is experienced and felt deeply. David has the loss of Absalom when he flees the country and goes to stay with relatives. David feels that loss deeply. Remember, Joab has to literally come along and slap, if you would, his king on the side of the head. What you are doing is wrong; people here sense you are mourning.

They feel it would have been better for you had all of them died and Absalom lived.

Passages for Further Study

Your sense of loss is wrong. Your mourning is improper. Amnon wrongfully mourned because he could not have Tamar, his sister.

What Does Blessed Are Those Who Mourn Mean? (Matthew 5:4)

Those expressions of mourning were inappropriate, and so not all mourning is good. When we look at this section of the Beatitudes, we are talking about those who mourn, and we are also talking about those who are poor in spirit, those who are meek, those who hunger and thirst for righteousness.

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Is this something for which the righteous mourn? Is our mourning something for which we find the righteous in the Bible mourning?

Blessed are Those Who Mourn

Surely that must start with our Lord Jesus. As I understand the teaching of the Sermon on the Mount, the things that God calls blessed are those things that characterize God and that ought to be evident in the lives of those who are His saints. You know, WWJD applies to mourning. Would Jesus mourn for this? There is a lot of mourning today with which Jesus probably would not concur. I am not sure I have the answer to this question, but I am going to raise it anyway. Were they right? Not about Jesus loving Lazarus—of course, Jesus loved him.

It is a little hard when we know the whole story that literally within seconds, Lazarus is going to come out of that tomb in his grave clothes. It seems to me that there must be the element of sin and its consequences. When one looks in the face of death, should he not see the connection between that death and sin that produced it in the ultimate sense?

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I was talking with someone the other day about cremation and whether or not it is a legitimate form of dealing with the bodies of people who died. There are various opinions. I will tell you that I have been involved in funerals where there was cremation, and I did not have any deep agony of soul about that. But I would say this: one thing is important at a funeral where a body is present—when that casket is right there, and families come by, and fathers lift up their children to look at the body—there is something visually communicated by death.

Without a body, the full message of death somehow does not really come home. I am inclined to say that Jesus wept, at least in part, because of the sin and the devastating consequences of sin involved. In Luke , Jesus approaches the city of Jerusalem and weeps over it. He weeps over it because He has presented Himself to Israel as the Messiah, and they have rejected Him, and that city and those people are going to be destroyed and devastated. Two critical texts are key to understanding Matthew The two key texts are Isaiah 61 and Isaiah So, surely when Jesus is talking here, we can safely say it is a part of what He is about and what He says.

We have been told about the judgment that is going to come upon the nation Israel, and now we are being told about the deliverance that will come. John the Baptist is speaking about the announcement that Messiah has come. So it seems that the center of the bulls-eye of what mourning is about is sin. The relationship between mourning and laughter.

What is the opposite of mourning? The opposite of mourning is rejoicing; is it not? Jesus says they will be comforted. We have no recorded instances where Jesus laughed. By that I mean especially soberness in response to sin. I would suggest to you that Satan has a fantastic sense of humor. I told you the story about my response to Mr. How would it look to shed tears and to show grief over the loss of this one? So I found my consolation in humor, which was inappropriate.

Satan wants us to do that. I was thinking of Ham in Genesis 9. It is a little difficult to figure out all of the elements of that story, but the story in general is that Noah plants a vineyard, the grapes grow, the grapes turn into wine, Noah had too much, and he is now lying naked in his tent. Somehow Ham shows up, and it seems as though Canaan may be involved in that because the curse falls upon him.

Key teachings

One thing that ought to be very apparent is that somehow Ham does not have the appropriate sense of sobriety and sense of grief at that occasion. I would say to you there is today a great deal of laughter at sin, and Satan loves it. We are to mourn at the presence and the consequences of sin, but we laugh at it. Let me give you some examples. Let me give you another example: Mrs. The reality is Satan has won a victory because we have laughed at sin where we should have mourned at it.