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In the autumn and early winter of , I spent some months in England. I was an assiduous reader of the British press, taking in three or four newspapers a day in the common room of a Cambridge college. Scarcely a week seemed to pass when Salman Rushdie was not in the news. A documentary film on India, The Riddle of Midnight, had just been made for Channel 4 by Geoff Dunlop with Rushdie as narrator, and there was some discussion of it as well as of Rushdie's vision of India's future as a democracy. But Rushdie-bashing was also a low form of journalistic sport, including unpleasant puns on his name "Salmonella" Rushdie and so on.

Weekend newspaper supplements retailed gossipy accounts of how The Satanic Verses had failed to win the Booker prize, with malicious claims regarding Rushdie's tantrums when this happened. Suspiciously similar stories had circulated with regard to Shame, which had also been shortlisted. I recall a dinner at an Italian restaurant in London with journalist friends at which Rushdie occupied a good part of the conversation, since he had appeared on TV a night or two before and made a series of acid remarks regarding racism in Britain. The argument grew so vigorous that some of the restaurant staff, who as it turned out were mostly Portuguese from Madeira, joined in.

Several of those at the table declared that, even as liberals, they had found Rushdie's remarks "over the top". One of the British journalists was of South Asian origin and became deeply annoyed because the Portuguese waiters refused to accept his claim that he, like me, was "Indian". It seemed that whether we liked it or not, the predicaments of some of Rushdie's protagonists were ours, too. This meal took place some time between 5 October, when The Satanic Verses was banned by the Indian government under its Customs Act, and 19 October, when Rushdie wrote his celebrated open letter to the prime minister of India at the time, Rajiv Gandhi, declaring that "your government has become unable or unwilling to resist pressure from more or less any extremist religious grouping".

But the ban was not lifted, and the protests spread to Britain. In mid-February, Ayatollah Khomeini issued his infamous fatwa against the book and its author, and Rushdie went into hiding. It is now 20 years since that Valentine's day message from the imam to the writer, and today there are literally dozens of books and thousands of essays and articles that deal with The Satanic Verses. No postcolonial literary critic can seemingly make a career without a comment on the matter.

The book weighs in at a little under pages, and it is no easy read.

The wordplay, involving two and sometimes three languages, is relentless and it sometimes feels like reading a particularly cryptic crossword puzzle. There are "in-jokes" too, many of which need to be glossed for those who have not grown up in South Asia. These - as the critic Srinivas Aravamudan has noted - include the flight number an Indian shorthand for "conman" of the Air India jet whose mid-air detonation by bungling Sikh terrorists called Dara Singh, Buta Singh, Man Singh and Tavleen opens the book.

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But the intertextual references also take us to 19th-century romantic authors and the Elizabethan dramatists as well, giving the impression at times that it should have been published with endnotes. It seems futile to sum up the plot, but here goes: The Satanic Verses is constructed around a pair of South Asian Muslims - Gibreel Farishta meaning the Angel Gabriel , born into poverty as Ismail Najmuddin in Poona "at the empire's fag-end", but who takes up his other name as part of his transformation into a Bollywood star; and Saladin Chamcha meaning Saladin the Toady , born Salahuddin Chamchawala to a rich and somewhat crass Bombay-based industrialist and his delicate wife.

Chamcha, whose trajectory is apparently meant to be an arch commentary on the circumstances of Rushdie's own life, migrates to Britain young, becomes an actor and marries an Englishwoman called Pamela Lovelace. However, since racism will not allow him to appear as a face save in Peter Sellers-type roles , his fortune is made through his voice, first on the radio and later wearing a mask in a children's programme called The Aliens Show. The fates and stories of Farishta and Chamcha are intertwined through the novel as they delve into their pasts.

After they both miraculously survive the explosion on board the hijacked Air India jet, Farishta seems to acquire angelic characteristics and Chamcha devilish ones, but this is just an illusion. In reality, it is Chamcha who is destined to survive at the book's end, along with his Bombayite lover Zeenat Vakil, while Farishta eventually commits suicide by blowing his brains out in Chamcha's recently deceased father's Bombay mansion.

He has already caused a series of gory deaths from the outset of the book, and is wanted for multiple murders by its end.

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There is a clear paradox here. Chamcha, the inauthentic, uptight and elitist migrant to London, constantly mocked for these qualities while in Bombay, is allowed to redeem himself, while the indigenously rooted and social-climbing villain cannot escape the deserts of his villainy. At one level, this novel is indeed - as Rushdie defensively claimed - "about migration, metamorphosis, divided selves, love, death, London and Bombay". It is stylistically closer to the sprawling masterpiece that is Midnight's Children than to the briefer and more tightly written Shame, but it can also fruitfully be read in relation to one of my favourites of Rushdie's books, The Moor's Last Sigh , after which he seems to have largely fallen out of critical favour.

His brilliant talents for pastiche and gaudy and garrulous characters, at times bordering on cruelty, are in full evidence here. We also find echoes of other genres, including juvenile ones, which is not surprising from an author who has recently described himself as the "world expert on superhero comics". I found these Valentine poems a bit amusing. My third-grade son did not. They may not be quite as timeless as I thought they were. Dec 26, Paige rated it really liked it. A favorite from the elementary years. Mar 13, Donna Mork rated it it was amazing.

Adorable poems for little ears. Very sweet. Jan 27, Misbah rated it liked it Shelves: childrens-books. Sweet little poems about valentines day. Just adore Prelutskys poems and story telling style. Jack Prelutsky's poems are fun and Marilyn Hafner illustrations make the perfect companion.

1 John 4:8

These might not be the best memorization poems, but they are excellent for budding readers in their independence. As we have started to gather more and more I Can Read, leveled readers I have been anxious to see what I would find in a Level 3 "Reading Alone" with "complex plots for confident readers". My first experience is absolutely a posi Jack Prelutsky's poems are fun and Marilyn Hafner illustrations make the perfect companion.

My first experience is absolutely a positive one! It's Christmas!

Valentine's Day Special: Books that Explore Female Sexuality feat Leeza Mangaldas

Every few pages has a cute and quaint poem filled with Christmas cheer that is sure to provide a poem for every reader. Using traditions for Christmas, both Santa and Jesus included in various ones as well as baking festivities, snow covered or no sleds involved, city or country and suburb there is a bit of it all. Text copyright Ages 4 to 8, Grades K to 3 from Greenwillow Books. Jan 09, Trisha Daniel rated it it was amazing. It's Valentine's Day is a collection of easy reader poems. I have always found poetry to be beautiful. There are so many different ways a writer can incorporate and use words that pulls the readers somewhere unfamiliar.

It can really get the reader thinking as well. Right now in my life I was thinking of starting a poetry notebook just to get into the habit of writing again. However, I have found that poetry can be difficult to begin again if you haven't written in a while.

The next best thing I It's Valentine's Day is a collection of easy reader poems. The next best thing I decided to do in order to ease myself back into poetry was to find authors and poems I like and either copy the entire poem or just parts of it into a notebook in order to find some inspiration.

Even though, this is a children's book I did find some inspiration. Even the simplest of poems can be inspiring.

The Gory Origins of Valentine’s Day

I liked the poems that were included into this book. They were cute and real creative. I love Valentine's Day because like the books says in many different ways you can express how much you care for someone by just the littlest gestures. Mar 04, Nancy rated it it was amazing. These are simple, funny, easy to read and enjoyable poems for children of all ages, because everyone likes to laugh.

The poems are enhanced by drawings, created by ink and water color, on each page throughout the book. Prelutsky creates rhythm in his poem by using word choice and placement to make enjoyable rhymes. Feb 13, Eden rated it really liked it Shelves: books-to-buy , poetry , reviewed. Since today is this Valentines, I decided to borrow this from the library and read it. I really enjoy Jack Prelutsky's books of poetry; they are quite wonderful and this one is wonderful as well.

While this book of poetry is about Valentine's Day, I don't think they are your typical Valentines poems. There is a poem about a cake gone wrong, a boy buying chocolates for his mom for Valentine's Day and then, eating them all! Giving Valentines to pets and more. Overall, it's a fun and nice book of po Since today is this Valentines, I decided to borrow this from the library and read it. Overall, it's a fun and nice book of poetry for Valentine's Day.

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  7. For you are looking for love poems, then this isn't the book for you. But if you want to read some poetry for Valentine's Day that is different and fun, I think you will enjoy this book. May 04, Bridgette Hossbach rated it really liked it Shelves: valentines-day , poem , funny , love. They are very cute and cover so much about the experience of valentines day. They talk about the anxieties of getting valentines at school, making them and how hard it make a heart symmetrical , and who to give them to. This book is clever and shows many different aspects about valentines day.

    This book would be great to read in class for valentines day. I would recommend this book for an elementary classroom. This book would be valuable for many grade levels. The poems are clever and funny. Feb 12, Malbadeen rated it it was amazing Shelves: senitmentaly-starred , childrens-young-adult , poetry-antholgies. I like Jack Prelutsky, I think his poems are swell. I use them a lot, along with Shel Silverstein's poems when teaching that ever-lovin "Fluency" that's gettin everyone in education all hot and bothered about.

    BUT I REALLY love this book because when my son found it he copied one of the poems on a home made card for a girl he has a crush on wrote, "Your hair looks nice" on the other side and signed it "your secret admirer". Feb 13, Camela rated it liked it. I grabbed this book to use in preschool this week. It is probably better for a little older audience. I usually really enjoy Jack Prelutsky, but some of these poems were a little to forced. He's a fun, silly poet for kids. Shelves: elementary-school , holiday , poetry , reviewed.

    This is one of the better children's book of poems that I have read in a long time. Definitely a must read for all young poets. This is a book full of short poems related to Valentine's Day. Students could learn about rhyming words as all the poems rhyme. May 21, Erin rated it it was amazing. One of my favorite books as a child.

    Top 10 Most Romantic lines from Shakespeare? | Shakespeare in the Ruff

    So clever and fun. Good intro for poetry. This was one of my favorite books growing up. Feb 24, Elanor added it. All by herself! Jan 31, Tiffany Fields rated it really liked it Shelves: poetry This is book full of poetry stories about the love of Valentines. JF Pre. Nov 24, Katherine rated it it was amazing Shelves: own-it. I read this book every year I love it so much. Sweet story that made my clients smile and laugh out loud!!

    My clients are adults with developmental disabilities. Mar 08, Patricia rated it really liked it Shelves: holiday. A collection of Valentine's poems. Most of them are pretty cute and the illustrations are nice. I'll need to make a new book box for him at school. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Jack Prelutsky. Jack Prelutsky.

    From Walt Whitman to Carol Ann Duffy: The 12 best love poems for Valentine's Day

    Jack Prelutsky is an American poet. Prelutsky, who has also worked as a busboy, furniture mover, folk singer, and cab driver, claims that he hated poetry in grade school because of the way it was taught. He has also compiled countless children's anthologies comprised of poems of others'. They divorced in , but Jack remarried. He currently lives in Washington state with his wife, Carolyn. He befriended a gay poet named Espiritu Salamanca in and both now work together in writing poems and stories for children and adults alike. Other books in the series. I Can Read: Level 3 1 - 10 of 29 books.

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